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................................Count Boogie

His adventure started with Dr. Demento and as a KROQ (Los Angeles) on air personality in the 90's,
and has evolved to a BDSM educator PervertedPodcast creator and co-host
and musical comedy guru at present.
Count Boogie brings his warped, crass musical lessons of life to his audience
with a passion and intensity rocks the foundations of Earth !!!

Think...School House Rock for adults!


Most of Boogie's material is very over the top adult...if you can't hang,
please feel free to enjoy a nice Hannah Montana video here...and maybe a lollipop...
and maybe read a nice bible verse about not eating pork or something.

Fun facts:

1. .Count Boogie is a Pro Dominant and Kink educator in the Los Angles area, teaching such topics as
Waxplay, Fireplay, spanking, caning, flogging, playscene connection and safety.

2. .Count Boogie is a recovering alcoholic/drug addict with a life full of fucked up experiences
and testimonies about his past and much happier present.

3. .Similar to 2...Boogie is also a recovering food addict, bulimic, maintaining a 70+ pound weight loss.

4. .Count Boogie is a trained professional women's massage practitioner with 720 hours formal education
and 3 years pro experience in the field.

5.. Count Boogie lived through an abusive childhood while spun out on Ritalin for hyperactivity,
which caused terror, paranoia and hallucination throughout his youth.

6. .Count Boogie used to be a Christian Born Again preacher and went through the painful process
of de-brainwashing himself to get to rational thought and atheism.


When Boogie is speaking or doing interviews he is 100% open and honest about his life experiences,
from his battles with erectile dysfunction and self cutting, to being scared of the dark and a lifetime of past suicidal thoughts.
.His passion for helping people gain the power and confidence to help themselves and be who they are,
is well worth any embarrassment felt by sharing his dirty,
it makes for a kick ass, engaging interview for the show and it's audience.

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